Exploring Japan: Mino Town

A beautiful natural retreat in the heart of Osaka. Mino, located just north of Osaka City, is a peaceful and traditional village. It’s the ideal getaway from the congested, drab metropolis because it’s sparsely populated and surrounded by lush greenery. Mino has something for everyone, with a quasi-national park, a quiet onsen resort, and award-winning […]

Tokushima’s Five Most Notable Cuisines

Of ramen, divine sweet potatoes and pirate foods. Tokushima is a minor prefecture of Japan’s smallest island, Shikoku, located southwest of Osaka. It’s best known for being the origin of Japan’s traditional Awa Odori dance, but it’s also home to natural treasures like Naruto’s Whirlpools and Iya Valley’s breathtaking beauty. After viewing one great place […]