10 Relaxing Adventures from Tokyo

Every now and then, we all need to get out into nature. A day excursion, especially for those who live in Tokyo, is a terrific method to reset our mood and refresh. Nature has a way of relaxing our brains, relieving our problems, and allowing us to enjoy the current moment. Here are some of Tokyo’s […]

Visiting Nakatanidou Mochi Shop

The town’s fastest mochi pounders!   Look no farther if you like your meals to be exciting! At Nakatanidou, you can see some of the nation’s quickest rice pounders demonstrate the traditional technique of making mochi (sticky rice cake) at rapid speed. This well-known mochi business specializes on yomogi mochi and is located in the […]

Exploring Hokkaido, Japan

Japan’s most prominent ski resorts are known for their world-class powder snow. In recent years, Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido has received international attention as a powder-hound haven. Here are five of the country’s most appealing ski slopes to check out.   5) Kiroro SKIING AND VISITING THE CITY   Kiroro is a modern facility […]

Visiting Sapporo Clock Tower

The iconic landmark of Sapporo, originating in the American Midwest. The renowned Clock Tower (or “Tokeidai”), Sapporo’s oldest standing structure, has been counting the hours since 1881. The clock bells chime once every hour, every day, without fail, sounding a ring throughout Japan’s fifth largest city.   This famous clock gable, which resembles a country […]

Exploring Japan: Mino Town

A beautiful natural retreat in the heart of Osaka. Mino, located just north of Osaka City, is a peaceful and traditional village. It’s the ideal getaway from the congested, drab metropolis because it’s sparsely populated and surrounded by lush greenery. Mino has something for everyone, with a quasi-national park, a quiet onsen resort, and award-winning […]

Tokushima’s Five Most Notable Cuisines

Of ramen, divine sweet potatoes and pirate foods. Tokushima is a minor prefecture of Japan’s smallest island, Shikoku, located southwest of Osaka. It’s best known for being the origin of Japan’s traditional Awa Odori dance, but it’s also home to natural treasures like Naruto’s Whirlpools and Iya Valley’s breathtaking beauty. After viewing one great place […]

Visit America-mura

Looking for Murica? There’s no better place to visit than America-mura, a very groovy neighborhood full with retro shops, record stores, and restaurants.   This American enclave, being Japanese, offers Western culture with a twist, as well as some of the best people-watching in the city. Once upon a time, the now-thriving area was littered […]

Discover Tokyo Sea Life Park

A 2,200-ton tank of bluefin tuna is a must-visit.   ! Due to the coronavirus, Tokyo Sea Life Park, including Kasai Rinkai Aquarium, will be closed until March 15.   Tokyo Sea Life Park takes you on a global aquatic voyage with over 1,200 species of sea creatures. The aquarium, which is located in the […]

Discover Gunma’s Five Most Well-known Cuisines

The superiors of sashimi and udon. Gunma Prefecture, located two hours north of Tokyo, is ideal for a day vacation or perhaps a short weekend retreat. While Gunma is known for its beautiful mountains, major ski resorts, and healing onsens, it is also modestly producing some high-quality food.   1. Okkirikomi Gunma can get notoriously […]

Kanagawa’s Five Best-known Dishes

Kanagawa is approximately an hour’s drive south of Tokyo, making it a convenient day getaway from the flashy metropolis. The prefecture’s main attractions include the Kamakura Daibutsu (Great Buddha) and the hot spring resort of Hakone. You’ve got yourself a program if you add a little local touch.   1. Iekei ramen from Yokohama If you’re […]