7 Vegetarian-Friendly Convenience Store Items in Japan

A guide to meat-free convenience store selections in Japan.     Research revealed that Japan is incredibly high on practically every listicle as one of the world’s least vegetarian-friendly countries. Many supposedly vegetarian meals, such as salad dressing or miso soup, almost invariably contain dashi, or fish stock. If you’re a vegetarian in Japan — […]

5 Underappreciated Attractions in Wakayama Prefecture

Looking for a fresh start in Kansai? Check out this list of some of Wakayama’s most overlooked sites, suitable for keen adventurers.     There is so much more to Japan than the usual tourist traps. This is exemplified by Wakayama, a mountainous prefecture on Honshu Island. Most domestic and international visitors come to hike […]

16 Japanese Foods to Try and Where to Get Them

It would be a major understatement to claim that Japan is unquestionably a cuisine lover’s dream. There are almost as many varieties on Japanese cuisine as there are Japanese people, from seasonal meals to prefectural specialties. The only true drawback to eating in Japan is the somewhat overwhelming selection, and possibly your stomach’s capacity. So, […]

A Traveler’s Guide to 7 Food-Related Theme Parks and Museums in Japan

Take a delicious journey to these Japanese destinations, where you’re encouraged to experiment with your meal! Some visitors travel to Japan to see the old temples of Kyoto, to test their mind and body on a walk up Mt. Fuji, or to participate in one of the many annual summer matsuri (festivals). Then there are […]

3 Easy Ways to Learn About Japan’s Food Culture

With delicious “konbini,” rare “ekiben,” and subterranean “depachika,” Japan and its distinct cuisine culture will blow your mind — and your senses. Japan’s distinctive food culture offers an eater’s paradise famed for its transcendental experiences, from gourmet dining to mom-and-pop cafes. Gourmet publications like the Michelin Guide have mined its wonderful territory, which has been […]

How to Start Cooking Japanese Food with These 10 Essential Ingredients

These 10 items will allow you to quickly prepare a variety of delectable Japanese cuisine.     Going to the store as a foreigner in Japan might be a daunting experience. These ten ingredients will help you stock up on the essentials in your Japanese pantry, allowing you to quickly prepare a variety of delectable […]

Top 5 Dining Tips in Japan

Japanese cuisine is strongly linked to nature, and treating food with care is essential.     Some might acquire crucial components of Japanese eating etiquette from Japanese work colleagues and friends while living in Japan. Although cultural awareness may not be as important in casual dining circumstances, it can be quite useful when dining out with coworkers […]

5 Tours To Explore Tokyo Like A Local

These trips will show you the real Tokyo, with crash lessons in bar language, secret hideouts, and boozing up in the suburbs. It is common knowledge that visiting Japan’s capital is a sensory overload. You’ll never run out of things to do in Tokyo, from the neon-lit avenues of Akihabara to the grungy pubs of […]

Food Texture Descriptions in Japanese

Have you ever heard the words, カリカリ, さくさく or モチモチ in relation to Japanese cuisine?     It’s been argued that Japanese food is a tad bland in the perspective of Asian cuisine. While neighboring countries such as Korea and Thailand are known for their explosive flavors and meals laced with mind-blowing spices, the Japanese are […]

Get a Glimpse of Sake with This Handy Guide to Nihonshu

An introduction to Japan’s national beverage.   As Japan’s national beverage, sake has a significant cultural significance. It’s commonly used in Shinto rites and consumed on important events, and it’s becoming increasingly popular outside of Japan. Here’s a little introduction to get you started with this distinctly Japanese beverage.   The fundamentals The word sake […]