5 Underappreciated Attractions in Wakayama Prefecture

Looking for a fresh start in Kansai? Check out this list of some of Wakayama’s most overlooked sites, suitable for keen adventurers.     There is so much more to Japan than the usual tourist traps. This is exemplified by Wakayama, a mountainous prefecture on Honshu Island. Most domestic and international visitors come to hike […]

5 Tours To Explore Tokyo Like A Local

These trips will show you the real Tokyo, with crash lessons in bar language, secret hideouts, and boozing up in the suburbs. It is common knowledge that visiting Japan’s capital is a sensory overload. You’ll never run out of things to do in Tokyo, from the neon-lit avenues of Akihabara to the grungy pubs of […]

Dos and Don’ts While Hiking in Japan

A guide on avoiding the (literal) pitfalls of hiking in Japan, as seen through the perspective of someone who has personally experienced all of the dangers. Some of us might not be a seasoned hiker by any stretch of the imagination, but let’s say you went on a recent vacation to Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, decided […]

Exploring Namegata Farmer’s Village

At a farm north of Tokyo, go glamping and enjoy strawberry picking. If you want to go camping in Japan but don’t want to pitch your own tent or build your own campfire, Namegata Farmer’s Village in Ibaraki Prefecture has you covered. The farm provides a whole glamping experience, with warm cabins and tents ready for […]

5 National Parks to Visit in Japan to Experience the Great Outdoors

Whether you’re looking for a multi-day outdoor adventure or just some natural beauty to refresh your thoughts, Japan’s gorgeous national parks are waiting for you. National parks can be a nice respite for individuals tired of the hustle and bustle of city life or a refreshing break from the routine of an office job. Perhaps […]

Exploring Konosu Town

While rural Konosu is famed for having the biggest section of the Arakawa river–Japan’s widest river–that isn’t the main reason people come here. Some people may drive past the river bridge, but others may not. The Arakawa here is 2537 meters wide, according to a sign on the bridge, yet the majority of that distance […]

Exploring Hama-Rikyu Gardens

Without having to battle the hordes at the Imperial Palace, get a refined glimpse of a traditional Edo garden.   After the Meiji Restoration, Hama-rikyu served as a second residence and villa for the shogun and the Imperial family. Its most notable feature is its seawater pond, Shiori no ike, which is the only remaining […]

Exploring Kuroe Town and Its Lacquer-making Heritage

This little village in Wakayama Prefecture is home to a centuries-old lacquer-making heritage that continues to thrive today. It doesn’t take a connoisseur to see that lacquerware requires profound craftsmanship and expertise when looking at the glossy luster of polish on a smoothly carved wooden dish. These handcrafted works, known as urushinuri, have a long […]

Visiting Kanazawa City

Kyoto’s rival is a city with the same beauty and historical significance as Kyoto, although it is considerably more compact.   In the shadow of its famed sister, Kyoto, Ishikawa’s capital city has remained relatively peaceful. Kanazawa, like Kyoto, escaped bombardment during WWII and is currently one of Japan’s best-preserved Edo-period cities. It has all […]

Visiting Daio Wasabi Farm

A fiery and zesty taste of Japan’s countryside.    From the breathtaking splendor of Kamikochi to the low-key charm of Narai-Juku, visitors enjoying Matsumoto can select from a variety of interesting side trips in the surrounding area. Another popular location is Daio Wasabi Farm, which is only 30 minutes north of the city by train. […]