Hiroshima’s Five Most Well-known Foods

You’ve arrived at Western Japan’s peace city. You probably came to view the historic Atomic Bomb Dome and the famous Itsukushima Shrine. Here are some of Hiroshima’s top local delicacies to savor while you travel around the prefecture.


1) Okonomiyaki (a type of Japanese pancake)

Oh, look at all those layers of noodles, with oysters on top!

Hiroshima’s okonomiyaki reflects the city’s “go your own path” attitude toward life. Hiroshima stacks this delicious pancake with pork, cheese, and noodles, unlike the traditional Osaka dish.
The special building, Okonomi-mura, near to the Peace Memorial Park, is a great place to try this traditional cuisine. The facility is crammed with roughly 24 restaurants, each offering okonomiyaki in their own unique style.


2) Oysters

In Hiroshima Prefecture, what’s the catch of the day? Oysters! A plethora of seafood farms dot the region, bringing the local delicacy with a variety of cuisines.

Choose from oyster BBQ to oyster okonomiyaki, as well as a variety of fusion options in between.

Cafe Ponte, which mixes Hiroshima’s high-quality oyster trade with classic Italian food, is one of the most inventive possibilities. Oysters with an inexhaustible supply of pasta?  Sounds too good to turn this down!


3) Anago (saltwater eel)

Eel is prepared in a variety of ways throughout Japan. Unagi, a common conger eel, is served in most places, while anago, a less fatty variant, is the popular delicacy in Hiroshima. However, a reduction in fat does not imply a reduction in flavor—anago is just as delicate without the additional oil.

Almost every first-time visitor to Hiroshima will take a trip to Miyajima to view the famed floating torii gate and the comical deer population. Visitors may overlook the restaurant Nagomeshi Ueno, which is located on the bay next to the boat boarding point.

Since the early 1900s, the restaurant has been serving its famous anago rice bowls with a salty-sweet sauce. The food served at this restaurant is truly authentic, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait an hour for a table!


4) Momiji manju

Adorable and delicious!

The most popular food item in the prefecture is a maple leaf-shaped cake filled with anko (red bean paste). In Japanese, momiji means maple leaf, and these are as adorable as they are delicious!
Almost every souvenir shop in Hiroshima Station sells these delights, which are stuffed with various stuffing such as cheese, chocolate, and even green tea-flavored anko! Seasonal flavors change, so it’s always interesting to see which limited-edition ones are available.

How can you make this delectable—and calorie-dense—treat even more irresistible? Go to Miyajima for tempura momiji manju, which is deep-fried to perfection.


5) Onomichi ramen

This ramen is named after the province of origin, Onomichi, and has a very dark broth. The unique noodle bowl is made with fish broth supplied just from the Tomonoura port in Fukuyama ward, retaining the dish’s Hiroshima heritage. A soy sauce-based soup pairs fatty pork pieces with green onions to create a murky, flavorful dish.

When it comes to Onomichi ramen, the Syukaen restaurant is highly revered. It’s located on a bustling street just a few minutes’ walk from Onomichi town hall and the river that flows directly into Tomonoura.


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