Omicho Market

Eat fresh fish at one of Japan’s busiest seafood markets, which is filled with restaurants.

The Omicho Market, which has been in existence since the mid-1700s and now has over 180 shops, is one of Japan’s most vibrant fresh food markets. Vendors yell out special discounts to local customers looking for cooking supplies, and they’re always willing to let you try samples of their items.

The historic city of Kanazawa, where this fantastic market is located, offers a wonderful blend of traditional Japanese culture, modern amenities, and breathtakingly gorgeous scenery. There’s lots to see, from the Northern Japanese Alps to the Sea of Japan coast to the rolling hills of the Noto Peninsula stretching north of the city.

At Omicho Fish Market

In the centre of Kanazawa, the Omicho Market delivers all of these various aspects of Ishikawa Prefecture directly to your plate.


Strolling through the market


Kanazawa has a long history of being a prosperous city with a diverse environment. Hungry residents desire the best of the Sea of Japan’s fish, cattle from the adjacent Noto Peninsula, and fruits and vegetables cultivated locally.

There are no terrible options here, but the abundance of fish is truly outstanding. Squid, octopus, ikura (salmon roe), and even fresh iwagaki (rock oysters) and uni (sea urchins) are available for immediate consumption.

The zuwaigani (snow crab), which is in season in November and December, is the market’s most well-known product. Crabs are harvested from the sea off the coast of Ishikawa and delivered directly to the market. Omicho becomes the hub of Japan’s snow crab commerce during this season. It’s available for purchase right now, and it’s brand new.

If you’re very interested in a crab or any of the other seafood on offer but won’t be able to cook it during your vacation, simply have the merchant ship it to you or a friend’s address in Japan in an icebox.


Restaurants in the Omicho Market


Which one will you pick from these?


Are you ready to dine now that you’ve gazed at all the delectable seafood on offer? From market booths with just a few benches outside to sophisticated diners, the market features a diverse range of food.


Of course, the majority of them specialise in seafood! Outside, the restaurants usually have images of the items on sale, with the pricing written directly next to them, making it easy to choose.


Take a peek around to see what appeals to your stomach and money the most. Is there no one who speaks Japanese? Check out Omicho Market’s official website for an English store and restaurant map! Alternatively, you may simply point to the photographs and place your order.

Kaisendon, which is rich with raw fish, should definitely be tried out!


The most popular cuisine at Omicho Market is kaisendon, which consists of a variety of raw fish served over rice. Just thinking about it makes us drool.

If you don’t want to do that, you can just have one type of seafood over rice. We suggest kani-don (crab on rice), ikura-don (salmon roe on rice), or uni-don (salmon roe on rice) (sea urchin on rice).

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